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We are ready to arrange transfer Prague - YOUR destination. Thanks to following service YOUR destination can be reached fast and comfortably.

All activities are including entrance fee, pick up and drop of at your hotel, apartment, adress.
Prices are per person, tours to citeis till group of 8 people per car.
Tours are NOT guided. We can organize professional guides speaking any common foreign language for an extra charge. We will be happy to answer your requests and other special wishes.



Go Karting Enjoy the novelty and excitement of Go - Karting in Prague. We offer genuine racing on the longest kart track in Europe. Its length is 800 meters, contains more than 30 curves and average speeds can reach as high as 40 kmph. Next to the track is a restaurant with excellent cuisine and a wide selection of wine, drinks and cocktails. The track is set up in a glass-covered facility which allows for perfekt lighting and even climate-controlled comfort in the winter and summer alike. From 1 pax.

Duration /hours/: depends on number of people
Personal car: 1,000czk
Minvian: 950czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 900czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 800czk

Shooting Get a rush of adrenaline as you aim at your target in Prague’s shooting range. Under expert supervision, you’ll have the oportunity to take 10 shots from 5 different types of firearm (a total of 50 shots), including pistols, revolvers and shotguns, at targets from a distance of 14 to 18 meters. The price also includes being picked up from and dropped off back at your apartment, as well as a professional training session with a licensed instructor. From 1 pax.

Duration /hours/: depends on number of people
Personal car: 1,800czk
Minivan: 1,750czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 1,700czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 1,600czk

Brewery - Staropramen Get to know the Originál Prague Beer -- come enjoy a tour at the Staropramen Brewery. You’ll see the historical section of the brewery, the brand-new brew-house, the fermentation cellar, the lagering cellar and at the end of the tour, you’ll get a taste of the beer - Staropramen Lager. Min 2 pax.

Duration /hours/: depends on number of people
Personal car: 600czk
Minivan: 550czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 500czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 450czk

Army gun, rifle, shotgun, Kalashnikov A unique shooting range. Try the U.S. army weapons - including the famous AK 47 - Kalashnikov. The program offers 10 firearms, 75 shoots . All this on modern shooting range targets with distances up to 100 meters. We recommend this to the clients which like the quality and adrenaline of combat sports. Please taste the real photos of weapons, which you will really try. Price includes 10 weapons, 75 shoots. Call us today to book your date and time! Min 2 pax.

DurationDuration /hours/: depends on number of people
Personal car: 2,800czk
Minivan: 2,750czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 2,700czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 2,600czk

Český Krumlov This historical town ranks among the most visited Bohemian locales. It is situated in the very southern part of our country, known for its Amazony landscape with many forests and lakes. The Castle is the second-largest in Bohemia after Prague Castle. Due to the well preserved houses and monuments dating back to the 16th and 17th Centuries, Český Krumlov is under UNESCO protection.

Distance: 190 km.
Duration /hours/: 12
Price per personal car: 4,800czk
Price per Minivan: 5,400czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 1,200czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 1,100czk

Karlovy Vary During this eight-hour tour, you will visit this celebrated spa, the most famous in all of Bohemia, situated in a charming valley of the Teplá River in the western part of our country. The town was founded by the Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th Century, after the discovery of hot sprinte containing mineral salts. These springs were found by the Emperor’s hunters while chasing a stag. Nowadays, there are twelve hot springs utilized mainly for treating digestive disorders.

Distance: 140 km.
Duration /hours/: 10
Price per personal car: 4,000czk
Price per minivan: 4,500czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 1,200czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 1,100czk

Kutná Hora A five-hour tour through the beautiful Bohemian countryside eastwards from Prague takes you to the second-most important town in our country from a historical point of view. The town developed as a mining settlement close to silver mines in the 13th Century, and soon began to flourish. The Prague Groschen, one of Europe’s strongest currencies at that time, was first minted here. The historical center is one of Europe’s architectural gems.

Distance: 60 km.
Duration /hours/: 5
Price per personal car: 2,400czk
Price per minivan: 2,900czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 700czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 600czk

Plzeň - Brewery Do you want to see the place where the best beer in theworld is prepared? If so, this trip is the one you cannot skip! You’ll be collected by your own personal driver at your apartment and taken to Pilsen. Once there, it’s off to the brewery, where you’ll learn how this special brand of beer is prepared. You’ll also receive some free samples, of course. After the tour, you’ll get the chance to go to a typical Czech Pilsner Urquell restaurant.

Distance: 100 km.
Duration /hours/: 5
Price per personal car: 3,400czk
Price per minivan: 4,200czk
Minibus A till 14 pax: 1,300czk
Minibus B till 20 pax: 1,200czk

Folklore Garden
Folklore Garden You are invited to an unforgettable evening that will get you in touch with the. Czech soul and tradition. While sharing the countryside atmosphere in our beautiful garden you will be able to savor hearty Czech food, have lots of fun, and learn a great deal about the Czech people, their music, dance, and folklore. Please join us for this countryside celebration of dance and music and don’t forget the food, we offer some of the most typical Czech three courses meals, prepared on+ our outdoor grill all washed down with some of the best Czech beers renowned all over the world. Unlimited beer, wine and non alcoholics drink are included in the price.

Price per person: 1,300czk

If client cancel the ordered transfer on the same day as the transfer should have been realized or less than 12 hours in advance, client is obliged to pay 50 % of confirmed price.

we recommended

Prices are per taxi for a one way transfer. Prices are fully inclusive of all taxes and other charges - there are no hidden extras. Taxis can take 1- 4 people with luggage. For 5-8 people we offer an eight-seater minivan.
Our taxis pick up from anywhere in Prague, including Prague Airport, train stations and hotels. We stock complimentary refreshments in our taxis and your English speaking driver is on hand to offer assistance both during the journey and at your destination.
Choose either a direct transfer, or opt to break the journey with a few hours visit to an interesting place en-route. For an additional charge, we can also arrange a guide.